Training centre "Pesochnoe"
Yaroslavl region
July 28 - August 04
Safe Enviroment contest news
Information about Safe Environment contest
National crew representative — 1 person
Referee committee member — 1 person
Three RHM-4 NBC reconnaissance crews
— 9 persons
Coach group — 2 persons
Information group - 2 persons
Support staff — 3 persons
Interpreter - 1 person
Medical staff — 1 person
1. Individual race
2. Relay race
3. Firearms training
  • RHM-4 (BTR-80) chemical reconnaissance vehicles with special equipment.
  • AK-74 assault rifle.
Simultaneous, in accordance with the draw.
10600 m circular route.
Fire assault course - 500 m
2 crews per 2 vehicles from each team.
The route is equipped with the same obstacles as the one of the first stage does.
The first crew on the UAZ vehicle searches 3 sources of nuclear radition of enclosed type, conducts decontamination and overcomes fire-assault course. A commander of the first crew hand over the baton to the second crew (magazine) that overcomes the same obstacles as the first crew (but instead of decontamination it conducts a chemical reconnaissance) and finishes.
The time for the task is marked by the field referee: from the crossingof the start line by the first crew to the crossing of the finish line by a second crew.
The result of the crew is the sum of common time and penalties.
Conditions of the stage
Stage is conducted on the firing ground. Practical shooting at the targets with the change of shooting positions is conducted on 3 component ranges, where each member accomplich exersice on his own on its range. Shooting is conducted with gas masks on.
Starting position
Gunner stands inside the zone, limited by the penalty lines, face to the targets, assault rifle if the hand, barrel face to the target.

Uniform and equipment
Shooting exersices are accomplishe in the field uniform (special), body armor facilities (helmet, armored jacket), gaz mask, bag.
20 bullets per each crew

Shooting position:
Standing, from the knee on the choice of the gunner

Target № 4 with circles (50*50cm)
№1 - 3 targets with circles, up to 20 m at the front, up to 20 to the depth at the distance of 40-60 m.
№2 - 3 targets with circles, up to 20 m at the front, up to 20 to the depth at the distance of 60-80 m.
№3 - 4 targets with circles, up to 20 m at the front, up to 20 to the depth at the distance of 80-100 m.
Conditions of shooting
Stage № 1 A gunner moves to the first firing line, occupies ready position
Mission: to hit 3 targets without outstepping the area, limited by the penalty lines and proceede to the next firing line - crossing the penalty line leads to penalty of 10 points .
Stage № 2 Moving along the route, using covers a gunner has to hit three more targets
Stage № 3 Moving along the route, a gunner finds himself in the limited area fir shooting. Using covers a gunner has to hit four more targets
Each target should be hit 2 times. In case of finding more than 2 holes, best results are counted. If there are no holes on the targers - penalty of 10 points for each target that are sustracted from the sum of points for shooting.
Winners and prize-winners of the competition are determined by the desicion of the Panel of Judges according to the points got by the team during all the stages.
Winner among the crews is determined by the smallest sum of places taking into consideration penalty time for nonfulfillment (violation) of requirments got after all stages
A team with a biggest sum of points is considered to be the winner, and with the smallest - the last.
If according the results of one of the stage two teams got the same number of points, a team with the prize place (1,2 or 3) wins. If the number of points is equal then a team got more point in the Relay Race wins.
Based on this, a team occupies its place in the rating table.
The overall results for the three stages of the competition are finalized in a protocol which is signed by the jury and approved by the chief referee of the competition.
The scores will be announced later.
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